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What to do when you feel it’s not fair?

Card drawn – The Justice (reversed) There are definitely times when you feel everything is not going the way it is supposed to be and that nothing is actually even fair in this. It is not a fair treatment, not a fair decision, not a fair thing to go on in this office or workplace,… Continue Reading →

When NOT to listen to your gut

Card drawn – The High Priestess The High Priestess connects with intuitive and spiritual matters, along with ancient generational knowledge and even common sense. Have you ever felt that because you have been working with something for so long that you can tell what is going on as soon as you see a problem comes… Continue Reading →

Why rephrase the question?

As mentioned in my Code of Ethics, I sometimes need to rephrase the question, or change the approach and make sure you are happy with it before I actually go on with any reading. As the Tâm Yên’s motto suggests, it’s all about perspective, how we look at things to make it more simple and… Continue Reading →

How to be mature with wisdom and intellect?

Card drawn – KING OF SWORDS The King is the master of his field, and being able to master wisdom and intellect to make smart decisions to deal with problems that need action to fix is a true art. The King is confident, holding the Sword, the problem, in his grip, it is like he… Continue Reading →

Are you devoting to the right person?

Card drawn The feelings are there, obviously. They are exciting and make you want to jump for joy, you believe this is the one and you want to devote as much as you can to this person, religiously. But at the same time, you gut’s telling you you might me moving too fast and you’re… Continue Reading →

What fortune is told from Tarot cards

And how it is all about perspective. What are Tarot cards? The cards were created merely for games of chance, and it was not until the 18th century that these cards were then used for occult purposes and fortune-telling. The divinatory meanings of the cards are usually determined and assigned by the authors of the… Continue Reading →

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